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Feature Film | Chosen

I don’t believe in ‘bad’ projects. It all depends on the dedication of people involved. This project is good example how an amazing team can deal with any issues in the most difficult situations.

There is an old chemical factory, specialized in rat poison. We found it, on the outskirts of Bucharest, and we shot for two weeks an amazing world war 2 fight sequence. There was this stinging dust that we couldn’t shake off whatever we did. No face mask were bullet proof against this weird smell and dust.

We managed to shoot in an old rail yard also. The set was supposed to get a train carriage extension with hundreds of people getting in and off the train. We had only 3 valid carriages and about 40 extras. The ace up our sleeve was a train engine at our disposal. We could use it to push and pull the carriages on a half mile track to our liking. I don’t have to say that being in charge of this particular set gave me immense pleasure. Come on! I got to ride a train engine to my liking. The crowd duplication worked perfectly.

We ended with a nice shoot, inside the special effects shop, blowing up squibs and firing guns all night long. I must say it’s almost impossible not to be friend with the special effects guys.

Here is a glimpse of the set

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Feature Film | Aferim! - On Set Experience Galery


On a torrid summer we were playing 19th century Romanian Western. It was fun, it was extreme, it was suffocating, it was perfect!

We got the chance to explore country side Romania. Looking trough the film maker glasses, we wiped away the mundane and let ourselves caught in this amazing story.

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Short Film | Dopul Scuze Mijloacele - making off

Dopul Scuza Mijloacele – making off by TV show ‘Ca-n filme”

The material is in Romanian. Drop me a call and I’ll tell you all about it in English 😀


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